Cricut How To : Lock Design Position

Cricut How To : Lock Design Position

If you are having an issue with the design not staying in the correct position on the preview mat, this article will show you how to fix it with simple steps.

By default, Design Space has rearranged the parts of the design to save space on the cutting mat. Unless you use the attach tool to hold the placement of your design, Design Space will always rearrange your designs. Here is how to lock the design position so it stays the same on your cutting mats. Watch a 2-minute video below or scroll down for a text tutorial with images.

The school bus design in this tutorial is available here.




1. First, here is how the design looks after you uploaded it to the Design Space canvas.

2. Once you ungrouped it and pulled each color out, here is what it should look like. Notice how the yellow parts stay together in their position.

3. But when you click the "Make It" button and go to the mat preview, the placement of the design has changed. The bottom piece of the bus has moved to the right. This is not good because you want the design to stay in their position when you are cutting so it will be easier for layering later.

4. By default, Design Space has rearranged the parts of the design to save space on the cutting mat. To lock the design position, you must ATTACH the design first.

To do this, just click "Cancel" on the mat preview and go back to your canvas. Then click on each group of color, and click the "Attach" tool to lock the design in position. You need to do this for each separate color.

*Remember to separate each group of colors first. If you attach all colors together, it will weld into 1 color.

5. Once you attached each group of colors, go to the mat preview again and you should see that the design on the mat preview remains in the correct position.